The Circles of a Sombrero

Can we talk about the blessing that is this bright sombrero look how beautiful it looks

Recently I began looking back at photo's I've taken in Spain from a couple years a go and I managed to stop at this one photo of a sombrero. Two years ago when I saw the sombrero I basically took it in my hands and put it on and told my friend yes yes yes I am going to get it, I want it, it is coming on the plane with me you can't convince me otherwise I will somehow turn this into my daily hat to wear when the weather is nice out.


My friend told me that if I got the sombrero she wouldn't talk to me, and in that moment I had a decision to make. Buy the sombrero and wear it out the store like I was Beyonce, the sombrero was my crown, and the world was my kingdom, or put it back where I got it. Sadly, I decided to put it back where I got it and left the store without any souvenirs. Every time I see this photo I think of that moment and how much I wished I could have bought that sombrero and not cared that my friend wouldn't talk to me (we shared a room together so I very highly DOUBT she would have been able to NOT talk to me).

It sort of went in a circle really; one minute I wanted the sombrero, the next I didn't because a friend told me not to, and now here I am wishing I had my sombrero.

Moral of the story: Just because your friend doesn't like something you want that doesn't mean you shouldn't like it.

Also a moral of the story: IF YOU SEE A SOMBRERO BUY THE SOMBRERO

You do you, not anyone else!

Sahara x


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